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The 07 Time Champion watch

The 07 Time Champion is a watch produced by Febrizzio's Homme. It acts as a plot point in Bear Stearns Bravo, Second Impact, convincing Franco & Glyph to withdraw their dependance on Mendoza


  • Franco once called the watch "tasteless"[1].
  • The only confirmed owner of a Time Champion is Dr. Lafayette, who once left his in a patient whilst working in the Department of Labor’s St. Glorious Career Science Trauma Center[2].


  • Mendoza was photographed bathing at a spa & having drink with someone who wore a Time Champion. When Phillipé presented Franco with the photograph, she took it as evidence that Mendoza was "bathing with the enemy", specifically a man. The implication was that Jackie was the wearer of the Time Champion, and hence the enemy. However, the hand shown in the picture (a cropped version of which is shown above), is very dainty, implying that the wearer is not male, and hence that they are misguided[1].


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