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"I remember THX 1138 (George Lucas) was suppose to be numerology for 11:3+8=11 or 11:11"

The number 1183 is a possibly significant number in the Pronunciation Book videos. In How to Pronounce 76 video, the Narrator says, "I have been trying to tell you something for 1183 days." 1183 days is the number of days from the day the PronunciationBook YouTube channel was created, 4/14/10, until the day that video was uploaded. This seems to indicate that all of the videos on the channel since the beginning were part of a message being communicated, or at least that there was a plan behind the creation of the channel from the beginning.


Researchers have investigated what historical events occurred in the year 1183, but thus far none have been deemed important or connected to Pronunciation Book.

4/14/10 is the day the Icelandic volcano "eyjafjallajökull" erupted.

Someone has connected 1183 with the Mayan activation number (11:8+3 or 11:11) though nothing else has come from it. 

It has also been pointed out that 1183 can be parsed as 1+1+8+3=13. The number 13 being considered unlucky is a popular superstition.

A popular notation is that 1183 refers to 1183 days between April 14, 2010, the activation of PronunciationBook's YouTube channel and July 14, 2013, the date the video was posted. A theory usually coupled with this fact is that the videos inside this timespan are somehow connected.