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414-688-8914 is the number for Michael Lewis. It is for an AT&T wireless mobile phone in the Milwaukee area[1][2]

Conversations with 414-688-8914[]

Dec 12, 2008[]

Clock's and Pendragon's call with Mr. Lewis[]

(download MP3).

citrus' call with Lewis[]

Unforum user citrus posted a rundown of his call with Mr. Lewis:

I just got off the phone with Michael Lewis! I asked him about the junior re-seeding position; I don't think i got too much new info, but the main things that stood out were that

  • since it's a junior position, no background is really required (maybe beginning power-level?)
  • re-seeders will definitely be in much more contact with the godseed fragments, as their work mostly happens on the fringes, near the desert, and require intense cleanup in the spa after coming back.
  • I asked him why they only wanted women and he didn't have a ready-to-go answer...he paused for awhile before saying that single-gender teams (the "R-S squads") work better, and there are positions for men as well (he mentioned power lifting)
  • he wanted to make sure i didn't have ties to any of the rebel groups in the area...i said i had only heard rumors and left it at that, but i should have pushed that point more i think, he seemed insistent on bringing it up.
  • i said i was from vegas and that is apparently contaminated too, although i thought someone earlier found something that said it was a safe place? it has lake mead so it's near water...

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