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OH MY GOD I'VE FIGURED IT OUT! THIS ISN'T AN ARG! Snowden was trying to tell us about how the NSA dropped the jar at the aubergine festival with the Syrian Freemasons who were vying for control of the country against the Illuminati through a volleyball tournament. Now here's where it get's freaky. NSA has three letters. 77-3=74. If you divide that in HALF you get 37. Valve Software announcing Half-Life 3 has thirty seven characters. HALF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!

By now you've seen some idiocy like this. We have turned it into a drinking game.

Take a drink when:

  • You're thinking of Aubergine
  • Someone says "Half-Life 3 Confirmed!"
  • Someone mentions Edward Snowden or the NSA
  • Someone mentions volleyball
  • Someone says the spectrogram is the Burger King King
  • A parody of PB is mentioned as if it were part of the game
  • Gematria is used
  • You eat tacos mournfully

Take two drinks when:

  • Someone mentions Syria
  • Someone mentions Freemasons or the Illuminati
  • Someone mentions the Jar
  • Someone states this isn't an ARG
  • Someone bothers a person not related to the ARG
  • You eat a bread taco

Drink the entire bottle when:

  • Someone combines more than five of the above into a single assertion
  • One of the above turns out to be true
  • Someone stalks our robotic monotone master