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One of the Five Friends, mentioned very little & in passing each time. Her first mention was in How to Greet an Unwelcome Guest in English, with the phrase "Ann! What you doing here?". Her second mentioned was in How to Pronounce 25, which speculates how she was doing after "the break up", and she was also noted as having got a different job by Colorado[1]. Due to Ann's sparse and rare mentions, it is possible that she is either insignificant, or even disliked, the latter theory supported by the fact that she was an unwelcome guest in her first mention.


  • Notably, her name is very similar to Ayn, as in Ayn Rand. Connections to Rand have been drawn from Search Words That Return One Result, and may support theories related to her.
  • Ann has a house on the same west-east one-way street all the other Friends do[1].
  • Ann dresses well, but not compared to Ed[1].


  • Though the break-up may not necessarily refer to a relationship, but a disbandment of the Squad, this is very unlikely as Ann does not appear to have been a part of the Squad.