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Bear Stearns Bravo, a.k.a. BSB, is an online interactive game by Synydyne[1]; it centres around a fictionalised retelling of the 2007-2008 global financial crisis. It is the sequel to Pronunciation Book & Horse_ebooks, both as which served as viral marketing strategies for the project, and a tie-in to This Is My Milwaukee. It is led by Thomas Bender & Jacob Bakkila, produced by Seena Jon, and hosted on BravoNET.


BSB focuses on an investment bank known as Bear Stearns, headed by CEO Jackie Dalton. The story tells the tale of a band of regulators, primarily Henri, Franco, and Chief, fighting against the corrupt and tyrannical Jackie in his quest for power. The gameplay takes the form of an interactive series of videos in a "choose-your-own adventure" style.

First Impact: LA Nights, Love of the City[]

Second Impact: Double Dollarcrime in the Free Trade Zone[]

Third Impact: Gigabyte Tomahawk[]

Currently only mentioned by Cecilia in one of the endings of Second Impact[2]. Various speculations surround the topic of its alleged existence, mainly supported by the unusual way of the Personal Dossier counting game completion percentage.

A screenshot displaying a demo build of Third Impact has been leaked on February 18th, 2014 by Jacob Bakkila.[3]

Zeroth Impact: Perfect Jurisdiction[]

Dubbed as such by Jacob Bakkila[3], available through the phone number (213) 444-0102 originally used for the Horse_ebooks 2 installation. It takes a form of a mortgage appliance protocol, operated by an automated secretary using voice recordings of The Secretary. To apply, a customer has to answer several questions. Appliance forms for blue and yellow mortgages are normally denied, but applying for the {VORTEX MORTGAGE} allows the player to take on an adventure through the streets of the Free Trade Zone and encounter Henri along with Chief.


  • The first instalment of BSB takes place on July 4th, 2007, the same year the Milwaukee Tourism Commission was founded in the related ARG This Is My Milwaukee.
  • BSB's low-fi aesthetics were inspired by the low-quality CD-ROM interactive videos of the 90's, which Bender & Bakkila wished to replicate whilst shooting BSB[1].
  • Like PB & Horse_ebooks, VideoRoyale was also intended as viral marketing for BSB, but did not manage to take off[citation needed].


  • BSB makes many references to TIMM, and seems to replicate its cheesy tone, and so is likely set in the same universe, if not directly being related.

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