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Billie's eyecatch from First Impact, BSB.

Billie Diamond was an employee at Bear Stearns. It is unknown exactly what she does at Bear, but she is known to be very powerful, even more so than Jackie. [1][2].



Billie is very punctual & career-oriented, and easily becomes frustrated with people who do not share her strict work ethic, such as Jackie. In fact, she agrees to testify against Jackie at the government's surprise trial against Bear purely for this reason.


  • The two neon-blue scalene triangles Billie wears on her lapels are her signature, and are the only things that identify her as a dark netrider.


  • Billie may be what was meant by the line "the indigo triangles are a warning sign" from HtS Colors, as she is always trouble in one way or another whenever Franco or Henri are involved with her.


  1. On the way to the Board Room, Henri tells Franco, "to Billie, Jackie is just another one of Jackie's Jackie's Girls"
  2. Henri warns Franco in the Auditorium that "some people are so powerful it's best not to get involved with them at all--and I'm not talking about Jackie"; this comes right before the scene in which it is possible to meet Billie