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Blackstar is a semi-private corporation[1] with at least one branch in Milwaukee that has appeared in both This Is My Milwaukee and Bear Stearns Bravo. It is most famous for the creation of Go.D.S.E.E.D..

Blackstar hq

One of Blackstar's branches (dislaying the company's symbol, a black star) as seen in the TiMM promo video[2]


Blackstar formed in 2003, through a merger with another company[3]. Their arrival in Milwaukee was celebrated; their money led to the creation of jobs, opened hospitals and built roads for the city. However, they then began work on "project Go.D.S.E.E.D.", which subsequently led to a major catastrophe wherein Milwaukee (potentially much more) had to be destroyed "to save it". After this, much like before the Go.D.S.E.E.D. incident, Blackstar went back to involving itself with the rejuventaion of Milwaukee.

Even after the Go.D.S.E.E.D. catastrophe, Blackstar was still heavily involved in advising the government at least as late as 2008[4]

Blackstar Incentives[]

According to A Reasonable Haven, Blackstar offers a number of incentives for people who relocate to Milwaukee:

  • Adults - 1000 DD (Dark Dollars)
  • Teen - 250 DD
  • Former Resident - 5000 DD, 2 years Blackstar housing
  • Family - (none)
  • Polyskilled - Personal luncheon with Terry Nanny
  • Powerclass 40+ - Blackstar Sword of Slaying
  • Special - Big Key

Known Blackstar employees[]

  • Mark & Sally—Data Specialists
  • Mike Russo (formerly)
  • Lipps Leroux—Director of Communications
  • Mars Madison—Communications Dept. worker
  • Terry Nanny—Head of Communications
  • Katie





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