Buyers Blanche and Louise, as seen in the Yearbook Ending of Second Impact.

Blanche & Louise, a.k.a. the Buyers, are two female characters who appear in Bear Stearns Bravo, Second Impact; they buy Bertrand's art at his exhibition. They are both 28 years old, born only several hours apart (though still techncially a calendar divide), and were close friends since childhood due to the equally close friendship of their mothers, Lucia & Elizabeth-Anne.


  • Louise calls her mother by her first name
  • Their Bravodex entry reveals that both women posses the following attributes:
    • IQ: 171
    • Blood Type: AB-
    • Fighting Style: Accumulative Arts
    • Destined Profession: Low Royalty (99.99994% certainty)
    • Rising Tarot: Challenge Corsair
    • Falling Tarot: Challenge III
    • Famous Quote: “See you!”




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