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Champion & Dynasty as they appear in First Impact, BSB.

Champion & Dynasty are two traders who worked at at Bear Stearns' High Risk Mortgage Division in Bear Stearns Bravo, creating & selling Collateralised Debt Obligations (CDOs). After the regulatory crackdown on Bear on July 4th, 2007, they quit their jobs and went to work at Fung Wa, though not before spending a night in jail in Jackietown, which Franco & Henri had to break them out of using a mortgage they'd smuggled out of the company.[1].

Both Champion & Dynasty are "deep in the red". They were so desperate to shift mortgages that they started buying them themselves, and the situation only worsened when they decided to do all their personal banking with Bear Stearns[2].


Champion and Dynasty From the Impact Two Yearbook Ending.


  • Champion & Dynasty are played by Yang Miller and Seena Jon respectively.
  • Not only is Dynasty's actor, Seena Jon, the executive producer of BSB, but he also played the Basketball Kid, Joey and the Cello Player in This Is My Milwaukee
  • Both characters share their name with the Champion Dynasty Defence Fund, a project by the MTC in the TiMM ARG.
  • Champion & Dynasty believe their work to be extremely vital to the market. In Champion's words, "every call we miss, an industry collapses. I had a dentist appointment last month, and now you can't buy zinc".
  • Dynasty has a girlfriend, whom he met through a Credit Default Swap, but no ferraris. Champion, however, has at least 2 girlfriends & 3 ferraris.


  • Due to the shared name, universe & the fact that Champion & Dynasty were professionally active in the same year the MTC was founded, it is very likely that they were involved with the CDDF.
  • In the TIMM ARG, the Champion Dynasty Defense Fund (CDDF) was set up by Blackstar, and was listed as an ongoing project of the Milwaukee Tourism Commission on their website[3]. It has two known purposes: to support the production of Milwaukee and Midwestern film; to aide in developing other, more effective means of protection against the Go.D.S.E.E.D. fragments beyond the currently existing ones (e.g. Flare Guns & Rebreathers)[4].
  • Chamasty. Just Chamasty. You know it's true (c.f. yearbook picture).
  • In First Impact, Dynasty trades a bad mortgage to someone named "Todd", to which Champion says, "always hated that guy". This may be the same "Todd" who works at the Milwaukee Tourism Commission.

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