Chief, his consciousness-system trapped in a blue radio.

Chief was a regulator & the apparent leader of the team, judging by his title/name, as well as several instances in which other characters seem to attribute authority & respect to him (How to Apologise in English, How to Tell a Secret in English, HtP Can and Can’t). It is indicated in HtP Tlaxcala that he knows more about Tlaxcala than he lets on, and in HtP Real it is indicated that he has some experience with (or knowledge of) Mendoza. There are also numerous accounts (HtP Two, Food, Aubergine & Risotto) of Chief being responsible for food, implying that he is a good cook. Has an ex-wife.


  • Chief wrote the Senate's Rules of Order.
  • Both Chief & Glyph were on the mission in Nicaragua, where Glyph lost part of his right arm and Chief lost his entire body.
  • Chief has an aubergine farm in LA.



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