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"Basic Dark Dollar Arrangement" as depicted in A Reasonable Haven

Dark Dollars (symbol: $ DD[1], or just DD) are a form a currency showcased in This Is My Milwaukee. They are availalbe in cash, credit, or vouchers[2], and are offered by both Blackstar and the Milwaukee Tourism Commission as incentives of various DD amounts to encourage relocation to new Milwaukee[2][3].


After the Go.D.S.E.E.D. catastrophe, a need for a currency of empirical value for their own protection was realised by the remaining humans, and so the Dark Dollars came into creation[4]. Soon after this, Dark Dollars became main currency of new Milwaukee, though they can also be spent outside of the city as well.

Little is known about the practical use of Dark Dollars beyond the fact that they have one. The inside detail of A Reasonable Haven lists some "basic Dark Dollar arrangements", which represent visual messages like semaphore flags.

It is unknown what Dark Dollars are made of, or how. When asked about them, Mike Russo simply replies that "what we decided on [as the new currency] was to forge those shards which are underneath us all"[4].



  • Dark Dollars appear to be highly coveted in new Milwaukee, even more so than regular money; Joey of the MTC reportedly said that "he feels like he never has enough Dark Dollars, and feels like he's always broke"[2].
  • Mike Russo mentions that they decided to make Dark Dollars out of "those shards which are beneath us all". Given that rupture (as in, of the Earth) appears to be associated with Go.D.S.E.E.D. fragments, and by extension possibly the Creep, and the Creep has been referred to as existing in shard form before (and Fragments are also depicted this way), it is quite possible that the Creep and/or Go.D.S.E.E.D. fragments are the raw materials for Dark Dollars, which explains why they would be "Dark", in a sense.


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