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Don was one of the Five Friends[1]. An enigmatic figure, he knew "many important things” [2], including “what happened on the riverboat” [3], and his “abilities are beyond question” [4]. He was only mentioned a handful of times in Pronunciation Book, and never really elaborated on. Cecilia also makes a speech about him in Second Impact[5].


Don had an important, well-paid job in a business building, where he was tasked with predicting what happen each year, write it down, and then publish his findings[5]. His work was very popular[5]. However, he eventually moved to Denver, taking an extended sabbatical, and it is unknown if he ever returned to this line of work, or if anyone else continued it[5].



Fang's Yearbook entry[6]

  • Don does not live near Hal [7], and only has one neighbour[1].
  • Fang's Yearbook entry states, "Don, you did the Macarana on the riverboat", though it is unknown if this is the mysterious thing that happened on the boat, of which he knows. He is known to have participated in a dance contest[8], and this might have been when it happened, and hence why he did the Macarena on the riverboat.


  • Given Don's ability to see the future, and the fact that he worked in a business, it is possible that he was a career scientist, as they also have ties to business & the occult.
  • Don (along with Ed, Ann, Trish, and Hal) may be one of the Five, as the first letters of each of their names (in that order) spells DEATH, which would explain the illustration on the Five Friends career science card (five distorted, screaming skulls against darkness).
  • It is noted that Don had a "new feeling" (but couldn't remember what it was). This is likely a reference to This Is My Milwaukee, in which one of the basic Dark Dollar arrangements means "new feeling".