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Colorado, as she appears in 2007[1]

Dr. Colorado is a career scientist & an old friend of Glyph's, first introduced in How to Pronounce Dr.. She has a lab in a back-alley career science parlour in the Free Trade Zone, where she provides Franco with counsel after she, Henri & Glyph break out of prison in the newly founded Jackietown.


Colorado is attentive, empathetic, and often seen smiling. She has a penchant for gloves, and likes to unwind with a drink. She is both well-read & well-travelled. She is also known for collecting data and for being impartial.


Colorado owns a number of interesting possessions relating to her profession in career science, including a scented box and special cards that can be used to divine answers about the questioner, like tarot cards, but with different symbology.




Pronunciation Book
Bear Stearns Bravo (Second Impact)
  • Career Science Parlour
  • SWAN ending


  • Franco insinuates in Career Science Parlour, Second Impact, that Glyph & Colorado may have once had a relationship--and Glyph's embarrassment at this seems to confirm this. This is also supported by the fact that, in the textbook The TruePair Job Matrix, Career Scientist & Senator was listed as a "low-risk" pairing. This implies Colorado & Glyph's relationship by association, as other known relationships are referenced in the book e.g. Spam Bot & Channel (How to Pronounce Horse ebooks), Data Worker & Data Worker (Mark & Sally).


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