How to Pronounce 13
Duration 22 sec
Published 11th Sept '13

How to Pronounce 13, or 13, is the title of a video uploaded to the Pronunciation Book channel on the 11th of September, 2013, and is the 65th video in the 77 Days Video Countdown.

Video Details[edit | edit source]

13 lasts for 22 seconds. For the first 7 seconds, The Announcer says the following dialogue, after which there are 15 seconds of silence until the end:

"Our perfect systems thrown into the void. Something is going to happen ... in 13 days."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This video was released on the 12th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

Speculation[edit | edit source]

  • Any relation to 9/11? Coincidence? The dialogue referencing order thrown into chaos would certainly fit the event.

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