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How to Pronounce 17
Duration 1 min 8 sec
Published 7th Sept '13

How to Pronounce 17, or 17, is the title of a video uploaded to the Pronunciation Book channel on the 7th of September, 2013, and is the 61st video in the 77 Days Video Countdown.

Video Details[]

17 lasts for 1 minute and 8 seconds. For the first 53 seconds, The Announcer makes the following speech (a.k.a. the 17 speech) after which there are 15 seconds of silence until the end:

"Water flows easily through the aqueducts and storm tunnels. Towers transmit waves that run to join radios in cars and trucks and houses. Paper rolls through the offset press. A conveyor belt feeds rock and sand into a concrete plant. The air conditioner cools its room on summer evenings. Inspection arms confirm the jars dimensions. Rails hold up trains that hold cargo. Roads hold up trucks that hold cars. Streetlights turn off as the sun rises. Satellites connect boats in different oceans. Powerful monitors emit new prices.
What are you? What are you? What are you?
Something is going to happen... in 17 days."



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