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How to Pronounce 31
Duration 1 min 42 sec
Published 24th Aug '13

How to Pronounce 31, or simply 31, is the title of a video uploaded to the Pronunciation Book channel on the 24th of August, 2013, and is the 47th video in the 77 Days Video Countdown.

Video Details[]

31 lasts for 1 minute and 42 seconds. For the first 1 minute and 28 seconds, The Announcer makes the following speech (A.K.A. the 31 speech), after which there are 14 seconds of silence until the end:

"I went to a gallery downtown. I brought a friend who was having debt problems to try to cheer her up. It was an opening for one of those first wave financial artists who were breaking out at the time; I don't remember which one.
The art wasn't my style but the crowd was fantastic. There were athletes, famous chefs, television personalities, and low-level billionaires in coloured suits spilling wine.
We were studying a tedious multimedia piece when I was slapped on the back by heavy hand with a heavier watch Jackie asked me if I was moonlighting as a gallery assistant to supplement my government pay check. He laughed enough for the four of us.
Of course She was with him. Jackie teasingly introduced Her as an up-and-coming rival. She ignored my outstretched hand and insulted Jackie's age as only lovers are allowed to. I introduce my friend to Jackie as a saleswoman in luxury water craft; they hit it off immediately.
I excused myself when I saw the curator, Bertrand, who I knew through Chief. He was eyeing one of the sculptures hungrily.
"Bertrand," I said, "I thought you were in Milan for the season?"
He rolled his eyes and explained that hosting this exhibit had won him no friends on the continent.
"Bertrand," I said, "who's that friend of Jackie's?"
Something is going to happen ... in 31 days."



  • In "How to Pronounce 68", PB's speaker says "I'm not talking about a disaster, I'm talking about a love triangle". If Jackie's friend/lover is the woman that the speaker fondly talks about, this would create a love triangle between the speaker, the woman, and Jackie.
  • PB introduces his friend to Jackie as a "saleswoman in luxury water craft"; this could refer to a yacht, which could be called a "luxury water craft". If so, this could mean that Jackie was the yacht-owner discussed in HtP Yacht, and PB's Friend is the one who sold it to him.

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