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How to Pronounce 35
Duration 1 min 27 sec
Published 20th Aug '13

How to Pronounce 35, or simply 35, is the title of a video uploaded to the Pronunciation Book channel on the 20th of August, 2013, and is the 43rd video in the 77 Days Video Countdown.

Video Details[]

35 lasts for 1 minute and 27 seconds. For the first 1 minute and 12 seconds, The Announcer makes the following speech (A.K.A. the 35 speech), after which there are 15 seconds of silence until the end:

"The first time we met, She did most of the talking; even then She'd say anything that came to mind. It wasn't so long ago, but the city was growing ... private in public. From the restaurant, we could see construction all around us. I noticed a broken window, paid attention to the time, but She only saw roads, rapidly rising skyscrapers, zone blots.
We were growing too. She was intoxicated with Her new financial abilities, and nothing was small talk to Her. Hearing Her, morning and night, made me stop thinking about what I was doing. It is only natural, as much as natural can be, to think about what we're doing.
It is completely understandable to get out of bed, and turn off the music. Everyone can sympathize with taking objects outdoors and taking pictures of structures. No one is blaming you for going back indoors, and covering your eyes.
Something is going to happen ... in 35 days."


  • For some reason, the link to 35 was missing from the homepage of Pronunciation Book's channel between the 22nd[1] and the 25th[2] of August.


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  2. Screenshot of PB's homepage, taken 25/08/13