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How to Pronounce 61
Duration 24 sec
Published 2th Jul, '13

How to Pronounce 61, or simply 61, is the title of a video uploaded to the PronunciationBook channel on July 25, and is the 17th video in the 77 days video countdown.

Video details[]

61 lasts for 24 seconds. For the first 9 The Announcer says the following, after which there are 15 seconds of silence: "'Stressful day? Play some volleyball. Something is going to happen in 61 days."


  • The countdown video for Day 61 is the only one which does not have a corresponding tweet linking to it on the Pronunciation Book Twitter account. It appears that the link between the YouTube channel and the Twitter account which usually automatically posts tweets linking to each new video as it is uploaded to the channel was turned off during the time the Day 61 video was uploaded, but it was then turned back on in time for the next day's video. What, if any, significance should be attached to this is currently unknown.

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