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How to Pronounce 65
Duration 24 sec
Published 21st Jul, '13

How to Pronounce 65, or simply 65, is the title of a video uploaded to the PronunciationBook channel on July 21, and is the 13th video in the 77 days video countdown.

Video details[]

65 lasts for 24 seconds. For the first 9, The Announcer says the following, after which there are 15 seconds of silence: "'Turn off the lights and drink a cold glass of water. Something's going to happen in 65 days."


  • When searching for ‘“turn off the lights” “drink a cold glass of water”’ the only results that showed which were not related to this mystery on the first page of Google search results were from the Sandman Hotel Group wordpress website. These are of tips on how to fall asleep easier. Could this ‘sleep’ be a metaphor, or literal?
  • Two day ago a friend had a headache and asked me for help i said those exact same words “Turn off the lights, and drink a cold glass of water.” maybe it’s related to headaches. (I don’t think this has to do with headaches.)
  • Don’t people with PTSD suffer from insomnia and such? That might fit with the military thing (?) (Yes, it’s possible that you can suffer from insomnia when you have PTSD) Maybe this whole thing is about a/the Banking Crisis, and the jungle/military theme is metaphor. (I’m still thinking whether this has to with the whole war subject). I think that’s equally possible. (Well, why would you turn off the lights and drink a cold glass of water in the first place????) (Drank a lot of booze the night before, water to help stave off the hang over? If they were at a fancy dress party someone (Nicole?) could have drank too much and is being put to bed) I thought the insomnia might be referring to someone having trouble sleeping because they’ve screwed people over financially, hence the metaphor. (That makes sense)I dunno, the more I think about it, the more it seems to be literal, not metaphorical, and that the military & financial aspects are intertwined.

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