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How to Pronounce 76
Duration 24 sec
Published 10th Jul, '13

How to Pronounce 76, or simply 76, is the title of a video uploaded to the PronunciationBook channel on the 10th of July, 2013, and is the 2nd video in the 77 Days Video Countdown.

Video details[]

76 lasts for 24 seconds. For the first 9, The Announcer says the following, after which there are 15 seconds of silence: "I've been trying to tell you something for one thousand one hundred eighty three days. Something is going to happen in 76 days."


  • At the time, the Pronunciation Book Channel had been active for 1183 days (April 14, 2010 - July 10, 2013). Combined with the video's message--"I've been trying to tell you something for 1,183 days"--this implies that every video PB has uploaded is part of the 77 Days conspiracy.
  • The static noise may be an audio file that can be converted into an image file.
  • The voiceover states that he's been trying to tell us something for 1183 days, which is the difference between Apr. 14, 2010 and July 10, 2013, the date of posting. But how about the days in between? Perhaps some of the previous videos posted in that timespan have a pattern which contains a hint to what happens. (Congrats to the one who pointed that out in the comments.)

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