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How to Pronounce Horse_ebooks
Duration  97 sec
Published 24rd Sept '13

How to Pronounce Horse_ebooks, is the title of a video uploaded to the Pronunciation Book channel on the 24th of September, 2013, and is the 78th video in the 77 Days Video Countdown.

Video Details[]

Horse_ebooks lasts for 1 minute 37 seconds. The Announcer says the title of the videos before an unnamed woman makes the following speech:

[Announcer]: "Horse_ebooks. Horse ebooks."

[Female speaker]: "Horse ebooks. It's morning in cyberspace and the systems are in love. A spambot and a channel--what would the parents think? Together again. It's all just data in the 'net, but we are just getting started. ''

There is a man named Dalton. Dalton is dangerous. He is rich, he is strong, and he is going to crash the stock market. 

Sidewalks crack, streets go dark. Ten thousand bankers shake and scream for Dalton's pyramid

Where are the Regulators? That's where you come in.

I've been trying to tell you something for five years. You're in the elevator. You're right on time ... like a Regulator should be. You are a beautiful system. 

This is the world we're in, and this is what is happening. What's that tune? Everyone is singing. You are first class. You are ready. And you are the Regulator who will see the shining data in the stars of Bear Stearns Bravo.

Bear Stearns Bravo.


  • The actress who is the female speaker in the video, Mia Van Der Water, also plays Cecilia, though it is not know if she is playing the same character in HtP Horse_ebooks.


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