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How to Pronounce Radio
Duration 1 min 00 sec
Published 9th Aug '12

How to Pronounce Radio, or simply HtP Radio, is the title of a video uploaded to Pronunciation Book on the 9th of August, 2012, and is the 32nd video in the mission narrative.

Video Details[]

HtP Radio lasts for 1 minute, during which the Narrator says the following dialogue:

"The radio still works in the elevator, of course."
- A: Trapped in a radio ... what a terrible fate.
- B: There's a lot to listen to on this radio.


  • A radio coincidentally appears in Bear Stearns Bravo, as Franco and Henri's prime method of communicating with Chief.


  • It is assumed that the radio mentioned in this video is also the one used to communicate with Chief.

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