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How to Say No to Drugs

Published on Jun 5, 2012 This video shows you how to say no to drugs. Learn the correct American English pronunciation of phrases you can use to decline a substance ingested for its narcotic or stimulant effects. In this lesson, you will learn two English phrases: - I'd love to, but I have a business meeting in ten minutes. - I'd love to, but PCP can be detected in a urine test 3 to 7 days after use.

The numbers "two", "ten", "3" and "7" show up in description. Also the word "meeting".

According to

"PCP can be found in urine within 4 to 6 hours after use and will remain in urine for 7 to 14 days." This could very well be a code because 3 to 7 days is not correct.

This video could be setting up a meeting between agents with the corresponding code numbers.