Into The Deep, A.K.A. Into The Deep 77, was a blog written by Blogger user Deep Blogger. Launched on the 19th of July, 2013 with their first entry titled "An Introduction", Into The Deep was dedicated to reporting & commenting on both the Pronunciation Book Conspiracy as well as the speculation amongst wider 77 days fandom. Its slogan was "A journey into the darkest corners of the internet."

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A screenshot of the main page of Into The Deep, as it last appeared prior to removal (viewed through google cache); click for full view.

Deep Blogger joined Blogger in July 2013[1], and began 'Into The Deep' shortly afterwards so as to provide a dedicated space "to collect all theories and developments on PB" beyond the "very crowded Google Doc"[2]. They are a known user of 4chan[2].

The blog was removed from Blogger on the 23rd of September 2013 for unknown reasons; their last post made more than a month ago (20th August). The blog can still be viewed via Google Cache.


  • Into The Deep was removed just under 24 hours before the countdown deadline.


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