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Jackie's eyecatch from BSB, First Impact.

Jackie Dalton, a.k.a. Jackie or Dalton, (born 05/05/1932[1]) is a the CEO of the investment bank Bear Stearns, and the antagonist of the Game.


Jackie was born on Cinco de Mayo, 1932. As a child, he dreamed of being a sommelier, but after an accident involving wine bearing, Jackie was taken to court and banned from ever bearing wines again. Additionally, he was given the choice between either prison or service in the armed forces, and chose the latter. By the time Jackie was fifteen, he was a junior private in the army. Unfortunately, he was dishonourably discharged for misappropriating a government aircraft, the Empire Sunrise. He subsequently moved into finance, where he was wildly successful, becoming the CEO of Bear Stearns in 1960.

It was around this time that the Belarus incident happened, in which Jackie accidentally transferred all of the money of the country of Belgium to Belarus, the latter of whom spent it all almost immediately on knock-off hand bags. Though this did cause an overthrow of the Belgian monarchy, Jackie himself felt no effects from the incident as he blamed the incident on the company VP, Milo Franks, and his investors bailed him out financially.

It is not known if the Belarus deal was meant to be part of the mission or not, but Jackie did accompany the team in the field around that time. His role is unclear, but he may have provided money for the war/mission the main characters were involved in[2], and was probably hunting mortgages[3]


  • When Jackie was on the mission, it was noted that he got up at five every morning to chop wood[4]
  • Jackie plays the guitar[5].
  • Jackie is supposed to be a Judo Master, but in reality can't even perform a simple Juji Gatame crosslock[6].
  • He always dreamed of being a sommelier, but gave up after accidentally killing his father by offering up too nuanced a dinner pairing.
  • Jackie is Sicilian[7].
  • Jackie is the figure pictured in the spectrogram.
  • He has a cousin named Randy
  • Jackie bankrupted the sub-continent of India just because his ex-wife loved Bollywood films
  • He once visited the Gilded Corridor for Fashion Week[8]
  • According to Champion, Jackie has 39 girlfriends, but only 29 ferraris[9].



  • A tweet by horse_ebooks mentions Jackie as a murderer. This could be a literal murder (a person, for example) or a figurative murder (like the death of company).
    • Considering that Jackie shot Glyph at the end of Second Impact[10], that is probably what the tweet in question is referring to.
    • It may also be a reference to his father, who is strongly implied to have died in the aforementioned wine bearing incident.

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