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Lady Marquee is one of the players in the Big Gallup Tournament, during which she is defeated by Sonata. Her appearance is only shown once, at a distance with the other Big Gallup players during the pirate invasion of the Solarium Club. She is white, average height and has black hair.


The Big Gallup Players during the pirate invasion of the Solarium Club[1]; Lady Marquee is the woman in the black dress, in the foreground. Also shown is (from right to left): 4-of-a-kind Tony, Dealer & Sonata (with the scene being from Franco's point of view).


  • Lady Marquee is played by Katie Riffey[2]
  • During part of the pirate invasion dream, Lady Marquee is unique in that for part of it she carries a spear; none of the other players change their behaviour for the whole thing or are shown to carry any weapons in this way.


  • She may be Prussian, as when she was playing against Sonata, she was noted to have given her the "Prussian rubdown".
  • Lady Marquee appears to be royalty of some kind; she is shown losing her "royal limousine" to Sonata, has the title "lady" and threw a lot of money around during the Big Gallup tournie, seemingly without caring.