Lasso is an adventurer and a skilled player of Big Gallup. He owns a motorbike, and seems to be allied with the Squad in some way, if not a full member. He was present during the operation in which Chief, the Narrator, and Nicole disguised themselves as caterers, having been seated at the minister’s table.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Speculation[edit | edit source]

As the Big Gallup players all resemble their actors everyday appearances, Lasso probably looks something like this[3]

  • "Lasso" is not a significantly popular fore- or surname; as such, it is more likely to be a nickname.
  • LassoxSonata may or may not be canon. In the career science textbook The TruePair Job Matrix, Adventurer & Singerwas listed as a "high-risk" pairing. Not only is Lasso is described as an adventurer & Sonata a a singer, but the book also references other known relationships in such a way (Mark & Sally, PB & Nicole, Henri & Louisa, etc.). Furthermore, they were flirtatious towards each other in the Big Gallup tournament.
    • However, Sonata made Lasso promise to "buzz off for good" if he lost to her, which he did (this rivalry may be what the TruePair book meant by "high-risk").
  • As of 2007, Lasso is probably 28 years old: already it was known that he was fairly young, in his early thirties/late twenties, as a.) he is referred to as a kid in HtP Lasso; b.) his voice does not sound particularly old during the Big Gallup tournie; and c.) his actor, Jon Pack, is in his late twenties/early thirties[4], and given that several characters in Bear Stearns Bravo have been confirmed to be exactly 28 in a row (e.g. Secretary & the Buyers, via Bravodex), it would make sense for him to be that age too.

References[edit | edit source]

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