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Clue: police sirens heard continuously


Clue: Thunderstorm heard in “Radio”

Date Aug.9.2012

“Aug. 9, 2012 Thunderstorms & Bucket Rain in Chestertown, NY"

It was also raining in Indianapolis, Indiana

Rained in some areas of Illinois

Of course, all of this assumes the video was recorded the day it was uploaded.

A hail/rain storm in New Jersey

Clue: Rain -> you can clearly hear raindrops hitting a window glass from 1:10 to the end of the video (Also, car noise at 2:27)

Clue: Planes -> maybe airport close

A plane can be heard in the distance at 0:47

Clue: Cars -> a b

usy street with cars beeping (Traffic congestion?)

Two car beeps can be heard at 0:23

Unknown location:

Sounds of something exploding? Maybe they are fireworks.

A woman screaming at 0:17 Or maybe it was a cat.

You can hear a boat horn near the end, probably near a port or harbor:

Near a railroad or a factory or a subway station:

Clue: A vehicle stopping (Possibly a train or a motor), screeching sounds at 0:04.