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A map of the first five districts. The FTZ/Jackietown, denoted by the orange "JAC" in 1District.

Los Angeles, or LA, is a city in the state of California, USA in Bear Stearns Bravo. It has a population of 777,000,000 people[1]. The city is divided into seven sub-cities, 50 districts, 99 zones, and one President City[2]. The only known districts are 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5district, and the only know zones are the Free Trade Zone, East Free Trade & South Free Trade. It is known that the districts have an uneasy relationship, and that there is tension between them[3].

The Districts[]


1District is the home of the following zones within it:

  • The Free Trade Zone, known as Jackietown after Jackie Dalton's hostile takeover on July 4th, 2007. The FTZ is situated at the centre of 1District, and is the home of Bear Stearns.
  • The Gilded Corridor towards 3District. Dr. Colorado's lab, a back-alley career science parlour, can be found there, as can the LA Public Library and Fung Wa Phillipé.
  • East Free Trade towards 5District. There, one can find crooked arcades and massage parlours.
  • South Free Trade


Houses Regulator HQ


Home of the Senate.


  • LA is also known to have a Light Rail train running through it.
  • The flower district, mentioned in 29, is likely in LA.
  • Henri pronounces the city's names the Spanish way, saying the "g" in Los Angeles like a "h" instead, though it is unknown if this is the standard pronunciation there.



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