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Pronounciationbook map

One of the coordinate plots shown on Google Maps.

A rather popular discussion on the google docs page, somebody discovered that by amplifying the elongated silence at the end of PronunciationBook's videos, it showed a number of waves separated by short breaks. After counting the number of waves in each group, one would get the following numbers: 35, 53, 22, 34, 52, and 23.

Graphing Coordinates[]


The triangle formed when the numbers are plotted on a graph.

Someone took the liberty to plot the numbers on a graph and connect the lines in order. By doing so, one gets a (rather neat) triangle, which tends to be a reoccuring theme. Some even speculate that it's related to the indago triangles talked about in PronunciationBook's " How to Say the Colors in English. " After the topic grew in popularity, people began using the numbers as coordinates, coming up with the following locations:

  • 35 53- Seman, Iran
  • 22 34- Qesm Hurghada, Red Sea Governate, Egypt
  • 52 23- Gmina Drelow, Poland
  • 35 23- Platanos, Greece
  • 53 52- Oblast de Samara, Russia
  • 22 34- Qesm Hurghada, Red Sea
  • 53 35- Sarachevsy District, Oblast de Briansk, Russia
  • 34 22- Oblast de Samara, Russia
  • 23 52- 36829, Saudi Arabia.

Soon after, people began mapping the corrdinates, noticing how they all


With all three coordinates plotted on a map, one can see a similar area in which all three meet.

formed an almost perfect triangle. After this discovery, people also began to believe that "How to Pronounce Coordinate" was now more significant. Another user plotted all three triangles, finding a central area where all three meet. The area resides in Turkey and Syria, with a small part of Iraq as well. The center point seems to be a town called Maydan Ikbis , which is the main rail crossing between Syria and Turkey.

Similar results began to appear when another user plotted two more triangles using the silence from How to Pronounce 68.


  • One theory brought up was the possibility of having two parallel stories; one dealing with "the triangle," and taking place in the middle east, while the other took place in Latin America (an alternative to the abbreviation LA), which would connect the squad watching fireworks on the 4th and Taxcala. Northern Mexico is also known for it's jungles, which is another frequent topic.
  • In some Muslim cultures, the inside of the Kaaba, located in Saudi Arabia, is referred to as "the one true jungle." Upon further inspection, somebody found that LA is also an abbreviation in Arabic for 'Lailahuillilla Allah," roughly meaning "praise God." Additionally, September 24th is Tishrei 20, and the fourth day of a festival called "Sukkot.," which celebrates God's protection of the Children of Israel during their 40-year journey through the desert.