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Mark & Sally going for drinks in Milwaukee's Canning District after work.

Mark Sampson & Sally Xu-Sampson, a.k.a. Mark & Sally, are a married couple, two young professionals living in Milwaukee & working as data specialists at Blackstar. They are both 33 years old, and like to go out for drinks after work.

The couple are featured in the career science book Remember to Succeed: Big Memory, Best Career!, in which the couple are used as an example of how forgetting can hurt people, as well as the promotional tourism video for Milwaukee, This is My Milwaukee.


  • In TIMM, Sally is played by Jen Curran, the same actress who plays Judgey in Bear Stearns Bravo.
  • In TIMM, Mark is played by Kevin Gottlieb.
  • The example featuring Mark & Sally in Remember to Succeed also references the Bear Stearns harassment video with the following line: "What's that feeling in the air? Sally knows where this is going. Mark's dancing--that's OK".
  • Sally & Mark both like to drink Milwaukee Margaritas, and can do the Streetcar Shuffle.



  • In their featured example in Remember to Succeed, it is implied Sally has a secret, specifically that she has forgotten Mark's birthday. This explains her internal dialogue in the TIMM promo video, which states, "[Mark] doesn't know ... does he?".

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