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Mike Russo is a Milwaukee resident who debuted in the Synydyne ARG, This Is My Milwaukee. From at least late 2008 - early 2009, he was the Vice President of Development at the Milwaukee Tourism Commission[1], and worked at Blackstar for an unknown length of time prior to that[2]. During the MTC's immigration drive, one of his tasks was to answer the MTC phonelines, so as to provide potential residents with information they might need concerning relocation to Milwaukee.


  • Mike had a girlfriend named Marge who liked swinging; he liked going to the Canning District on Friday & Saturday nights & visiting Oriental restaurants with her[3].
  • Mike also had an ex-girlfriend who made him stop boxing after he "suffered a third blunt-force trauma in about the course of a few months"[4].
  • He was noted as not having gotten along with Michael Lewis with the implication that Mike felt that Lewis was micromanaging him[5]
  • The following personal details are known about him:
    • Home number is 414-688-8914, and his business number was 414-688-7035. (available after business hours).
    • Email:



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