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Milo Franks is the Executive Vice President of Bear Stearns. It is well known within the company that he is kept on purely so that he can be blamed for any corporate mishaps Jackie (or anyone else high up) makes, fired, and then rehired for the same future purpose. He is noted to be perfect for this role because he's "high up enough within the company to satisfy the investors and the Senate, but low enough to be forgotten a week later"[1].

Bear Stearns scandals Milo is known to have been blamed & fired for include: the dam collapse, the poisoned dog food, and the Belgium-Belarus transaction. He was also fired shortly before the 4th of July, 2007, for harassing many Bear Stearns employees.


  • Milo is, unsurprisingly, a good friend of Jackie's.
  • According to the fellow banker in the auditorium during the July 4th speech, no one has ever seen Milo.


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