The Milwaukee Tourism Commission, or the MTC, was the organization behind, commissioned to promote Milwaukee to the public and encourage tourism and re-population. It was formed in 2007 by Larose Burton.

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(source, 11-26-2008)


The Milwaukee Tourism Commission was formed in 2007 by entrepreneur Larose Burton, with support from private investors. The Commission seeks to revitalize the City of Milwaukee through innovative multi-media operations. Its ongoing projects include the This Is My Milwaukee tourism campaign, a teen leadership summit, and a Champion Dynasty Fund to support the production of Milwaukee and Midwestern films.

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According to page 11 of A Reasonable Haven, The MTC offers a number of incentives to their employees.

Adults - Gender-specific rebreather
Teen - Teen-specific rebreather, skateboard
Former Resident - 'Welcome Back, Pard'ner!' gift basket
Family - 2500 Dark Dollars
Polyskilled -MTC Clearance Card Red
Powerclass 40+ - Personal Luncheon with Anna Tate Mellon
Special - Hyperboard
Note: The MTC offers an MTC Clearance Card RED and a Hyperboard, which may become

handy in this adventure.

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