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Some words on PronunciationBook have been noted as being "mispronounced". The following words follow a different regional or cultural dialect,  suggesting that the Narrator is either well traveled or not a native English speaker. It is also possible that the mispronounciations are intentional, making some people believe that the Narrator is trying to hint at another clue.

He says “a-puh-la-chun”, but that doesn’t fit any known official pronunciations[1]. Hence, this word is most likely mispronounced.
Is actually pronounced "byerk."
Instead of being pronounced with a J, the word is pronounced with a soft H.
Jesus is pronounced this way in Spanish, not English.
The word is pronounced with a very strong English accent, giving way that Announcer doesn't know any French.
Announcer says “po-kuh-mon”, but officially it’s supposed to be pronounced “po-kay-mon” in American English, in accordance with the acute accent over the E.
Announcer pronounces this word with a very strong English accent. Qatar is usually pronounced, "Kah-tar."
Announcer mispronounces the word entirely phonetically, like a child.
Announcer pronounced it as “Gayngnam”, not “Gahngnam”
Announcer pronounces it "Mack-ull-more" even though it's supposed to be pronounced Mack-lé-more[2]
The A is too harsh, Announcer should have rounded off the sound.