This is not part of the 77 days ARG! And is most likely a hijack attempt!

When you convert a YT video with it caches what you enter as the artist and title, such that when the next user attempts to convert that same video, it auto enters your entries. Thus the creator of morg is able to hijack the game by inserting a reference to his/her game into for 77 days ARG players to find. is an old ARG-style puzzle that first ran back in 2000. It is not run by Thomas Bender.

When converting video 73 into an mp3 through this website - - it automatically showed the artist as 'Morg'. Other videos, when converted, did not show any artist at all. When searching morg, we came upon the website - which is owned by a certain Morgan Bishop from the Bishop Family Organization, according to a quick whois search. Morgan Bishop turns out to be a researcher on the field of metal, corrosive materials, DNA of objects and the application of organic materials on metalic surfaces. Hosted on the same server as are (also made by a Bishop, named Craig) and

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