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The Narrator, a.k.a. PB, was a male regulator, and the producer/voice behind Pronunciation Book. He was the protagonist of much of the mission narrative told in the PB videos, and was involved in a secret relationship with a Mysterious Woman. He is voiced by Thomas Bender


  • Though bankers and regulators do not tend to get on, the Narrator has conisdered that he "should have gone into finance"[1].


  • He seems to be tied to LA, likely as his place of residence or work, as he has talked about dreaming of it and going back[2][3].
  • He seems to be in trouble, and require assistance, as the very first full phrase given in PB is “help me escape from here” [4]. The other phrase spoken in that same video is “Chief, I need your help with something”, though this may be a part of the backstory (i.e. PB's narrative), as opposed to a direct plea for help.
  • He is most likely involved in a love triangle between himself, Mysterious Woman/Nicole (probably Jackie's ex-wife), and Jackie. This may be why he is in need of help--Jackie found out, and "trapped him in the pyramid" (i.e. forced him to become a netrider).
  • When Franco is on the way to the stage with Cecilia in BSB, First Impact, a voice that sounds indentical to Thomas Bender/the Narrator comes through on Ceclia's headset, saying "all clear for the next speaker". Though this could be an unrelated minor character, this is very likely the Narrator's first appearance in BSB[5].


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