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Nicole's Friend was a famous artist who was close to Nicole. She appears only once thus far, as a narrator in the French Ending[1]. She is voiced by Alix Mcalpine[2].


Nicole's Friend went to the same international school as Nicole. However, despite Nicole leaving for LA when she was just 14, the pair remained close. Not only did Nicole's friend visit her in LA once when they were in their twenties, they spent "an entire night kissing in her bed", though in an ostensibly non-romantic context[3]

Nicole told her friend of Jackie, and also--in the strictest confidence--of the regulator she was also seeing. She even met Nicole's lover once, but found him "repetitive and pretentious", and thought they were a very odd couple.[1]

Nicole's friend had a dream that there would be a catastrophe when the Five Gurus met in Nicaragua, and tried to tell Nicole, but she only laughed at her. Sometime after this that Nicole's friend became a famous artist.[1]


  • Her mother's name was Julianne[1].
  • Alix Mcalpine, who voiced Nicole's friend, also provide the voiceover for Rocko di Pietro's Verizon Hub Commercial.



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