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A woman made a deal for $1 million

  • "She made a million dollars in a single trade."

Trade possibly ‘securities’?There seems to be a story linked to the videos. Parts of the story are spread across each video.

Known facts:

  • There was a ‘mission’.
  • Many people died.
  • The ‘mission’ involves main protagonist, Chief, Trish, Jackie, Don, possibly others.

Possible facts:

  • Franco, Lasso, Ptolemy seem to be side characters?
  • Mission in a brasserie?
    • "We stayed up all night preparing for the mission."
  • Mission possibly on Fourth of July?
    • "They have to work on the Fourth of July."
    • "We retreated to the jungle as fireworks lit the southern sky."
    • "A: I hope we finish in time to see the fireworks."
    • "B: Something about these fireworks is not right."
  • Squad dressed as caterers?
  • Their cover was blown by the minister investigating the ‘gaudy Merlot pairing’?
  • Something happened on ‘the riverboat’ and ‘Don’ knows?
  • "A: Securities trading is a lucrative, albeit stressful, occupation."

Unknown: Main protagonists name.

This could be unrelated, but recent Obama executive order allowing the DHS to shut down US communication upon his request, article mentions” The Federal Government must have the ability to communicate at all times and under all circumstances to carry out its most critical and time sensitive mission.” The term ‘mission’ is used like in the PB videos, possibly linked somehow.