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Actual photograph of the prophet Michael revealing the Prayer to his fellow disciples. The Sacred Shawl can also be seen draped across his body as he preaches.

Praise Bender (--- ..- .-. / -... . -. -.. . .-. in Morse), is a central prayer in the Cult of Pronunciation, revealed to the faithful by the prophet Michael in the Book of IRC. The Gospel of Wiki also reveals an addendum to the Prayer (bracketed below), though it is widely considered apocryphal. :

"Our Bender, who art at HowCast,
monotone be thy voice.
Your ARG come,
the clues be done, in IRC as it is in Youtube.
Give us this day our daily video
and forgive us our ignorance
as we also forgive the n00bs.
And lead us not into stalking
but deliver us spectrograms."
["For thine is the Jar,
the quiche, and the aubergine,
for ever and ever.

A shorter, alternate addendum, used by the Trustcult of Hitsu, is also revealed in Quotes 1548:4, though it is again noncanonical:

"In Nomine Bender,
et Terry Nanny, et Spiritūs Poekler,