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Jackie Dalton

Black belt, yacht owner, CEO; Judo Jackie's got it all, including a few dark secrets ...

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Let's Talk About Systems

Let's talk about systems soon, when we can find a quiet place.

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Career Science

What can career science do for you? Find out at the 77 Days Wiki.

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Something happened

on 9/24. Catch up on the story so far.

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Welcome to the 77 Days Wiki
The 77 Days Wiki (a.k.a. Pronunciation Book Conspiracy Wiki) is a free, public and collaborative project to help create a definitive encyclopaedia of all things related to the 77 Days mystery, including Pronunciation Book, Horse ebooks, Bear Stearns Bravo, This Is My Milwaukee, and more!

Warning: If you're a Bear Stearns Bravo fan, this wiki contains spoilers!

We are currently editing 264 articles since 13 July, 2013.


  • Bravodex—Enquiring minds want to know; after weeks of glitches, Bravodex is up & semi-regularly releasing character bios every week.
  • Hotel Dream Symbols—A new way to find meaning in symbols? user noodl claims to have cracked the case of the cryptic code with a complex cipher, revealing a hidden message.
  • VideoRoyale—After a lengthy hiatus, the channel is back up and posting new "carefree" videos every 2 days.


"Something is going to happen ... in 77 days"

On July 9th, the YouTube channel Pronunciation Book, which previously posted videos teaching English, began posting cryptic videos counting down to September 24th. Gaining a following from various boards and Reddit, the 77 Days wiki was then founded as a collaborative exploration of the enigmatic countdown, and all related avenues of investigation.

Finally, 9/24 arrived, and Pronunciation Book revealed itself to be a massive multisocial media art project alongside Twitter spambot Horse_ebooks, the Tumblr blog Let's Talk About Systems, and the separate YouTube Channel Video Royale, all leading up to a new online game by Synydyne, Bear Stearns Bravo, which is also set in the world of their 2008 alternate reality game This Is My Milwaukee.

Following the reveal, this wiki is now dedicated to cataloguing all things related to 77 Days, including the aforementioned projects. That's where you come in. We need your help to bring it all together. They've been trying to tell us something for five years—will you listen?

Whatever you have, whether it be information or something else, post it here.

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Plot points

  1. There is talk of a mission in multiple videos.
  2. The people involved with the mission were referenced as a squad
  3. Nicaragua & the year 1999 are mentioned frequently in both BSB & PB, and may possibly by where & when the mission (or at least part of it) took place.
  4. The Narrator, the Mysterious Woman, Jackie, Chief, and Glyph are all known to have been on the mission.
  5. One video brings up Ten Mysteries; there are then multiple videos that describe one of these mysteries. The videos mentioning 2, 4, and 9 were made private for the duration of the Countdown.