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364 days after the Pronunciation Book channel was opened the Pronunciation Manual was created as well.

It seems like a parody of PB but it's date of creation would seem to point to a common creator.

Also at least one phrase (Milk Argument) was posted on the same day as on the PB channel (more than two years before the countdown), this being even more relevant as this phrase seems to be referenced in one of the countdown videos.

Some others (like Hamburger) are also coincident but could be due to simple chance.


When the countdown stated on the PronunciationBook channel, this parody channel didn't seem to have any change. It continued uploading names of celebrities. Until day 46 of the countdown when a parody of the countdown was uploaded as well: How to Pronounce 6


Hands up

Playing our song

Party in the U.C.Day

Something is going to happen in 6 seconds

[6 seconds silence]

[Loud babbling noise]

Description of the video[]

Published on Aug 9, 2013

This video shows you how to pronounce 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
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What is the Illuminati.

What is Pronunciation.

This is not a conspiracy.

This is not the New World Order.

The revolution will not be uploaded.

Note the numbers are a reference to the mistery series Lost, the Subscribe/Join link is to the same channel, and the twitter address seems unrelated, although the account does occasionally retweet PronunciationManual videos, and also made a tweet linking to the "How to Pronounce 6" video. The Twitter account might be the creator of PronunciationManual.