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Pyramids are a recurring theme thruout the 77 days shared universe.

Dalton's Pyramid[]


The Pyramid of Victory, as seen in Jackie's slideshow[1]


The Palace as seen in the Desert Ending[2] (Glyph and Desert Hobo in the foreground)

In How to Pronounce Horse ebooks, Cecelia says that "10,000 bankers shake and scream for Dalton's pyramid. She does not elaborate on what she means by this. Though this could also be a deprecating metaphor for Jackie's high risk financial gambits (as in pyramid schemes, which Horse_eBooks also tweets about), Jackie later implies during BSB that the pyramid is something tangible too. During his slideshow presentation, Jackie makes several references to a "Pyramid of Infinite Victory", references its hopeful construction, and shows a picture of it.

18 years later in the Desert Ending, a floating pyramid referred to as "The Palace" is shown, which could be Dalton's Pyramid/the Pyramid of Infinite Victory. As Glyph is mistaken for a "tough Jackie's girl" that same day, it would be reasonable to assume Jackie is still around, and hence hiding out in the pyramid from the wasteland around.



  • There is evidence for a broader fascination with Ancient Egyptian culture in the 77 days universe; in the TIMM promo video, Terry Nanny mentions that G.O.D.S.E.E.D. was given a "pharaoh's burial" in a gold sacophagus to keep it from awakening.