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  • 9/24 is National Cherries Jubilee Day.
  • 9/24/1724: Paris (mentioned as one of the locations) stock exchange (“he watches the markets”) opens up.
  • 9/24/1789: Uranium was discovered.
  • 9/24/1869: Gold market collapses under presidency of Ulysses S. Grant. (Ulyssess pronounced here)
  • 9/24/1898: The octagonal Jubilee Tower (generally called Darwen Tower) at grid reference SD678215 on Darwen Hill overlooking the town of Darwen in Lancashire, England, was completed in 1898 to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee and also to celebrate the victory of the local people for the right to access the moor. It was opened to the public on 24 September 1898. (Jubilee pronounced here)
  • 9/24/1960 An asteroid called “Mendoza” was discovered. (Mendoza mentioned multiple times, in one of his videos:
  • 9/24/1963: Senate ratifies treaty with Britain & USSR limit nuclear testing. Will be the 50 year anniversary (Nuclear pronounced here)
  • 9/24/1982: Prince released the single “1999,”( which refers to some sort of “judgement day” and “war” (“1999” pronounced in this PB video: Note: Date of this video is also September 24, 2011)
  • 9/24/1991: Nirvana releases their hit album “Nevermind.”
  • 9/24/1996: Bill Clinton signs U.N. ban on all nuclear weapons testing. (Nuclear pronounced here)
  • 9/24/2013: Osage County Emergency Drill
  • 9/24/2013: Release date for Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep
  • Aerospace Defence Supply Chain Conference
  • May also been seen as 9:24, perhaps in references to biblical passages?