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Sonata performing with scissors[1]

Sonata is a famous singer[2] & superstar. She claims to be one of the five real masters of Big Gallup, and proved her skill by beating Lasso & winning the Big Gallup tournament[2].


Pronunciation Book[]

Sonata is referred to in 36, which mentions the hotel dreams (several of which she features prominently in). LTAS's gif for 16 depicts Sonata w/Franco at the bar.


  • 16/10/11: "Sonata is the famous" [3]

Bear Stearns Bravo[]

  • Hotel Dreams:
      1. 1--Big Gallup Tournie[2]
      2. 2--Sonata plays with scissors[1]
  • Solarium Club


  • Sonata claims that her father invented a certain hand in Big Gallup[2].
  • She toured Sao Paolo in 2005[2]
  • Sonata has been seen to perform with scissors as entertainment[1]
  • Like Lasso, Sonata has an unusual name; instead, the word "sonata" typically denotes "a composition for one or two instruments, typically in three or four movements in contrasted forms and keys."[4], as opposed to a person.



  • LassoxSonata may or may not be canon. In the career science textbook The TruePair Job Matrix, Adventurer & Singerwas listed as a "high-risk" pairing. Not only is Lasso is described as an adventurer & Sonata a a singer, but the book also references other known relationships in such a way (Mark & Sally, PB & Nicole, Henri & Louisa, etc.). Furthermore, they were flirtatious towards each other in the Big Gallup tournament.
    • However, Sonata made Lasso promise to "buzz off for good" if he lost to her, which he did (this rivalry may be what the TruePair book meant by "high-risk").
  • Sonata may be German, as when Lady Marquee attempted to beat her at Big Gallup with her "Prussian rubdown", Sonata replied, "if you want to beat a Prussian just invite a German to the table", and laid her hand (it is unknown if she meant the hand was German or herself).