It sounds like a very nice dystopian story that has been made into a non-conventional web series that involves the audience as one of the characters in the story itself. Like, you know, if we don’t crack this before September 24, the whole thing will end differently than it would have if we did. The mystery only makes the whole thing more realistic and it’s like the story is still being written. So far we might deduce that there’s a guy trapped with 6 other people in a city that has 50, not 40 districts (the tension between the districts has spiked); the Guy had a girlfriend before he got trapped, I believe he and the other 6 people under Chief’s command went on a mission of some sort (the [[narrator must be high in rank, as he gives orders sometimes and speaks to the Chief directly), maybe to explore new life forms or something (living things can change their forms, now [I don’t think we actually “know” but then again -]we know that life can exist almost anywhere), they got trapped on April 14,  and on May 10 something terrible happened, presumably someone got torn apart by that life form (I saw his arm get torn off like a ticket stub). There was an incident with a riverboat that involved Don (or maybe he just knows about it, because Don knows many things), but no one talks about it. Ed and Ann are maybe not as high in rank or maybe not as experienced as the rest of them, so they don’t get involved in every meeting. The new life forms are most likely intelligent (maybe we should learn the local customs). The trapped people have no contact with the outside world, that’s why they communicate through videos and don’t know what happens in the city (the city must have thousands of skyscrapers now). The ‘young heroes’ thing? Maybe the mission had the potential to bring them glory or something, but they ended up being stuck in a place they definitely don’t want to be. It’s not a lot, and some parts don’t fit that well, but the story looks pretty nice.

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