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The Synydyne logo in the Hoopeston documentary.


This Is My Milwaukee-0

The "This is My Milwaukee" ARG trailer produced by Synydyne.

Syndyne is art collective founded in 2006. The company has produced a number of projects including a documentary called Hoopeston (2008), the Horse_ebooks twitter feed (2011-2013), and an ARG called "This is My Milwaukee". The company has become relevant in the case of Pronunciation Book as Thomas Bender has been known to work there. On September 24th, 2013 it was validated that Synydyne was behind the countdown, as it listed Pronounciation Book as one of their art/performance pieces.  Other ongoing projects are also listed, including Bear Stearns Bravo, A Horse_ebooks2 'performance', and 'Spam Loops 1-4'.

Thomas Bender[]

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Thomas Bender is the person who registered the domain . Bender's email address was found to also have registered these domain names.

It was later found that Thomas Bender was the director of the "This is My Milwaukee" ARG and the director, cinematographer, and one of the producers of the Hoopeston documentary.

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