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Mendoza's eyecatch, BSB.


Mendoza From Second Impact Yearbook Ending.

Fleet General Tango Mendoza, or simply Mendoza, is a seemingly important figure, possibly even above Chief in rank, and is possibly the one who told the Narrator, “I don’t care what Chief said, you are going to complete this assignment,”[1]



  • Whilst Mendoza is not a significantly popular forename, it is a very popular Spanish surname[2]. Hence, "Mendoza" may be a Spaniard who is being referred to by their last name, a practice that is not unheard with respect to people of high status (something which Mendoza certainly seems to possess).
  • Could Mendoza be the leader of the guerillas they cooperated with? (HtP coordinate: "It was difficult to coordinate with the guerillas"; HtP can/can't: " I can still hope for Mendoza's cooperation, but I can't imagine how we'll explain this to Chief")
    • That would explain the Spanish name, if we go along with the assumption that this part of the narrative takes place in Latin America, which there is evidence for).
  • The large ruby Mendoza wears around his neck may be a reference to the ruby Terry Nanny gives Treasure Hunter M in the TIMM promotional video.


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