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The Ten Mysteries are ten questions the narrator raises during the mission narrative, each mystery described in a separate video. The videos mentioning 2, 4, and 9 are private.

Summary table[]

Episode Title Message

How to Pronounce Of

As we resumed our hike, I thought of ten mysteries
690 How to Pronounce Architect First, who was the architect of our mission?
Private How to Pronounce acquiesce Second, why did the Regulators' Office acquiesce to working with the banks?
691 How to Pronounce Financier Third, why would a financier of Jackie's status choose to accompany us for field work?
Private How to Pronounce loci Fourth, what secret research led to our loci in Nicaragua
692 How to Pronounce Tlaxcala Fifth, what wasn't Chief telling me about the Tlaxcala office?
693 How to Pronounce Ouroboros Sixth, why had the minister sketched an ouroboros on his napkin last night?
694 How to Pronounce Curriculum Vitae Seventh, why was there a five-year gap on Glyph's curriculum vitae?
695 How to Pronounce Connection Eight, what connection did Chief's ex-wife have with President City?
Private How to Pronounce won Ninth, what would happen to this country and its economy if we won?
696 How to Pronounce Conceal And tenth, why did she insist we conceal our relationship from the rest of the squad?
697 How to Pronounce Exegesis One day, these questions will be answered in a splendid exegesis.
698 How to Pronounce Certain I was certain that someone in LA knew the answers to all ten mysteries.
699 How to Pronounce Perhaps Or perhaps I already knew them myself?

Screencaps of private videos[]